I help people grow through change.

Well-versed in change at different scales, with a keen mind and business sense, and an honest and warm relationship builder with insight and commitment to help people grow through change.

  • Professional change expertise: macro change experience with micro focus
    • Catalyst for organizational transformation with blue-chip experience Read More

      Given my start at McKinsey & Company, I know how to cast a macro-level perspective and facilitate problem solving through structured thinking and an innovative process.

    • Supporting organizations in turning their vision into daily action: pragmatic approach to transformation: Read More

      As an independent consultant since 2002, I've been helping businesses lead their people through change.

    • Helping people get to where they want to be: Read More

      For over 20 years, I've been witness to people finding their values, their strengths and their true north as they spend more time doing what makes them come alive. I received my training through the Co-Active Coaching Institute and have been a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation since 2008.

  • Tools to understand the client mindset and change
    • Using psychology tools to broaden self-awareness: Read More

      I use the MBTI® personality type assessment and the Strong® Interest Inventory (RIASEC test) to add another perspective on the clients' preferences, strengths and values

    • Finding clues in verbal and body language: Read More

      A life-long learner of languages and an observer, I naturally pick up language patterns and reflect on them as a way to recognize and help shape a person's mindset

    • Anchored in change theory: Read More

      A seasoned Prosci® practitioner, I map out organizational change through this and other strategic models to make transformational change manageable

  • Personal insight and space to reflect and connect
    • Finding what matters: Read More

      My clients appreciated the focus and honesty it takes to get to the heart of an issue; living and working in different cultures has taught me to filter through the layers of assumptions, perspectives and the extra narratives.

    • A fruitful space to ask and listen: Read More

      Through powerful questions, deep listening and positive regard, I help to create space for connecting the dots, finding clarity and the courage to act

    • Learning through reflection: Read More

      My belief that we learn from reflecting on experiences guides me in sharing feedback with my clients and supporting them in finding their own sense of direction and relying on it

  • On a personal note

    Growing up in Czechoslovakia, I experienced the impact of independent thought, mutual support and togetherness – and the joy of music. I'm grateful to have lived through the 1989 regime change in Europe as a student when the surge of empowerment and belief that anything is possible left an imprint in my DNA.

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    • Being from a small land-locked country has always fuelled my desire to travel, see how others live and what they value. Both in my personal travels and later when I worked abroad, I witnessed time and again that we are much more bound by our similarities than divided by our differences.

      Hands down, motherhood has been the biggest journey in my life. Obviously, I was a much better mother before I had kids. Now I know the highs are high, the lows are low and the twists and turns are too many to count. I've seen myself go on no fuel, fail regularly and show up again, determined to make today better. I tear up at school Christmas concerts not because the ‘kids are so cute', but because I'm moved by the presence of potential, vulnerability and openness to what's to come.

      I live with my husband, two kids, a cat, fish and bees next to the misty West Coast forest in North Vancouver, Canada. We cherish our community and get involved to see it flourish and grow. We're fortunate to have family and friends in different parts of the world who we love to go and visit and welcome in our home. As we hike, camp and travel, I continue to be awed by nature in its countless forms and look to it for answers, beauty and inspiration.

      I keep learning to ask the right questions and stop waiting for perfection as I welcome change.