Change from the inside out

I strengthen change capability and prepare people for uncertainty and change. 

How I help

I work with leaders to design change programs, implement change strategies, and support readiness for change. My recent engagements include developing and leading:

  • An executive visioning workshop which brought together three newly merged organizations
  • A change mapping tool to support executive decision-making
  • A company-wide program to establish coaching as a core leadership skill
  • A framework for integrating automation of existing operations
  • An engagement plan to build a sustainable relationship with a vital new supplier
  • A team development program for an incubator

I work with people who are motivated and committed to change: professionals shaping their careers, business owners, organizational and community leaders, parents and others who find themselves at a turning point.

What my consulting clients say

"Jitka not only has a keen understanding of change strategy, she has a profound understanding of the human experience. She brings a global view to the needs of organizations with a focus on the local needs of people as learners and leaders. She also takes a progressive approach to technology and systems thinking that puts her in a leading position as a change management consultant and coach. Jitka is smart, intelligent and full of good humour."

Working together

Together, we define the vision and the "why". We divide the change into manageable pieces, with ample support, reinforcement and course-correction built into the approach. I use my experience in communications to engage all involved and build strong relationships.

Since my start with McKinsey & Company in the late 90s, I strive to apply structure and strategic considerations to problem solving and change solutions. A coach at heart, I want to leave my clients with the change skills and resources that help them thrive.

I work alongside leaders to design practical, tailored solutions that are based on clearly defined values, objectives, and people's needs.