Do more of what matters to you

I help motivated people lean into their strengths and values to do more of what matters to them.

How I help

I listen. I ask questions. We take a step back, find new perspectives and explore personal strengths and aspects of the situation for choosing a way forward. I have supported my clients to:

  • Build stronger relationships at home and at work
  • Make tough decisions
  • Navigate new challenges
  • Grow from failures
  • Understand and develop their leadership style
  • Become successful business owners
  • Switch their career
  • Take their career to the next level
  • Transition to parenthood

I work with people who are motivated and committed to change: professionals shaping their careers, business owners, organizational and community leaders, parents and others who find themselves at a turning point.

What do coaching clients say

“Jitka is a warm, wise, insightful woman who has a real gift for helping people get to the heart of an issue or goal and to define pragmatic, real-life solutions and actions. She’s an excellent listener and can hear what you’re saying even when you don’t realize what you’re saying!”

Working together

Coaching sessions provide the focus and insight needed for progress that happens outside of the sessions. I give my clients absolute attention and provide a safe, supportive space to facilitate introspection. I use analogies, metaphors or silence to gain insight to help you move forward with confidence.

Sessions anchor clients as they wonder, explore, doubt, fail and succeed. Not always structured, the sessions are an opportunity to better understand personal values and strengths, explore options and decide on the course of action. This helps clients act with genuine presence, confidence and trust in the outcome.